Chairman's Statement

Taiping Reinsurance Brokers Limited (hereinafter referred to as "TPRB") is a subsidiary of China Taiping Insurance Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") specialising in insurance and reinsurance broking. Since its establishment in 1996, being backed by the Group’s resources, TPRB has closely adhered to the Group’s strategy of international development and the vision of "Taiping Co-sharing ", and it is committed to provide our clients with a high level of professional reinsurance and insurance broking services.

With the continuous efforts of TPRB's management and staff, it has developed from a pure in-house broker in the early days to a market-oriented operation in the recent decade achieving favourable results, and TPRB’s professional services competence is constantly upgrading, its brand recognition continues to strengthen, and TPRB’s client base has been extended to majority of the domestic insurers in mainland China. During the past few years, TPRB has been increasingly involved in the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, “One Belt, One Road” and other significant national development projects.

The Group is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2019.Being a legend of Chinese national insurance brand from its birth in 1929, which always protects Chinese nation’s rejuvenation, it is honoured to be on the list of the “Global 500” in 2017 with its brand value exceeding RMB 100 billion. On behalf of TPRB, I would like to thank the Group for its brilliant leadership and utmost support. I would also like to thank our clients and business partners for their trust and continuous support. Finally, I would like to thank all the TPRB staff for their assiduous and conscientious spirit, proactive work and utmost effort.

Looking ahead, being an important member of the Group’s broking arm, TPRB will abide by its mission and responsibility, promote its professional competence to serve clients, ensure its operation in strict compliance with the legal requirement, and stick to the international path features. With foothold in Hong Kong and Macau to serve the mainland market and extend outward to the global market, TPRB will continuously pursue the goal of becoming a first-class top-quality reinsurance broking company under the company culture of "Tailor-made, Professional and Win-win".

Zhang Hui Ping Chairperson

September 2019